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NO. 3 - Report that I, Don Juan de Castanedo, Commissioner and City Treasurer, make of the owners or tenants of the houses of the 3rd ward, their numbers and amount of fires or chimneys of each one, from the official census which by order of this Government, was taken on February 16th., by the respective Ward Commissioner Don Pedro Dezilet for the collection of the annual Tax of Twelve Reales per chimney for the maintenance of the Lighting Department of this city from January first up to this date to wit:
House Numbers Names Number of Fires
1 (Widow) Herte 2
2 Mr. Hazeur 1
3 Mr. Coquelin 3
4 Francisco Cane 3
5 Cupid on Cares (nothing
6 Juan Bautista Lachaise 3
7 Cupidon Cares 3
8 Nothing
9 Margarita Aubry 2
10 Constansa Simon 2
12 Julia Brion 6
13 Madame Champiny 6
14 Madame Dreux 3
15 Maria Marta 4
16 and 17 Mr. Frederic 8
18 Mr. Gautier 3
19 Margarita Trudean 3
20 Felipe Mecrel 3
21 Tomas Vilaseca 3
22 Antonio Caro 2
23 Mr. Braquier 1
24 Tomas Bertrand 5
25 Luisa Cheval 4
26 Mlle. Orsel 3
27 and 28 The R. M. Ursulinas 8
29 Don Manuel Arminz 3
30 Secilia 2
31 (Widow) Delmas 4

The total number of fires or chimneys is seven hundred and seventeen which at the yearly rate of twelve reales each, amounts to One Thousand Seventy-Five Pesos and Four Reales which amount I have duly debited in my account by virtue of this Report. - New Orleans, December 31st., 1797.

(signed.) Juan de Castanedo.

Don Andres Lopez de Armesto, Honorary Commissary of War, and secretary, for his Majesty, of the General Government of the Province of Louisiana and West Florida.

In compliance with the orders issued. by the Governor, I certify that in accordance with the census of the Third Ward, taken by its Ward Commissioner Don Pedro Dezilet during the month of February this year, on file in this office, it is evident that there were then seven hundred and seventeen fires or chimneys in said Third Ward as made known by Public Decree of this Government, paying the annual tax of twelve reales, and in order that the Commissioner and City Treasurer Don Juan de Castanedo may have a written evidence, I issue this certificate in New Orleans, December 31st., 1797.

(signed) Andres Lopez Armesto.