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Report that I, Don Juan de Castanedo, Commissioner and City Treasurer of New Orleans, make of the merchant vessels which have arrived in this river and docked at the City's warves during the entire year of seventeen hundred and ninety seven, each Captain paying three pesos to the City Treasury as warfage fees. herein expressed are the names of each vessel, name of its Captain, date of its arrival and last port of clearance, in accordance with the information given me by the office of the Custom House registrar to wit:



From Charleston the schooner Theodora, Captain Don Matheo Barri
From New York the schooner Prudente Nathaniel Penfiel
From Havana the schooner Favorita, Captain Don Simon Thevenot


From Havana the schooner Roda, Captain Don Narciso Riera
From New York the schooner El Suceso, Captain Don Juan Bathbun


From Havana the schooner Magdalena, Captain Don Simon Petit
From Havana the schooner Mississippi, Captain Don Juan Luis Morotcan,
From Havana the schooner La Juana, Captain Don Pedro Lemos


From Boston the schooner Greyhound, Captain Don Juan Snous
From Havana the schooner Santiago, Captain Don Francisco Bru


From Havana the schooner San Juan Bautista, Captain Don Tomas Montoya


From La Mar the French Corsair schooner Unica, Captain Don Juan Duran 30th

From Campeche the schooner Farrola, Captain Don Tomas Urquhart


From Jamayca the English schooner El Hueste, Morlan captured by the French Corsair, the Captor Captain Don Nicolas Druet
From Charleston the schooner Corporal Trim, Captain Don Thomas Wingat



From Trinidad of the island of Cuba the schooner Trinidad, Captain Don Pedro Millet


From Havana the schooner La Amable Rita, Captain Don Juan Copper


From New York the schooner Flora, Captain Don Jesse Bowen
From Charleston the schooner La Amistad, Captain Don Matias Henry
From Havana the schooner Nuestra Senora de Rosario, Captain Don Francisco Rosell
From Honduras the English schooner captured by a French Corsair la Colina Planter, Captain Don Juan Renoe

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The total amount of this report, Two Hundred and Fifty Eight Pesos silver currency which have been paid by the individuals herein named as warfage fees of eighty six merchant vessels which have arrived in this City at the rate of three pesos each which amount I have duly charged my account with. - New Orleans, December 31st., 1797.

(signed) Juan de Castanedo.