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REIMBURSEMENT OF LOAN NO. 29 - Don Cayetano Valdes, Secretary, for His Majesty, of the General Intendancy of the Army and Royal Treasury of the Province of Louisiana and Acting Treasurer of same.

Received from Don Juan de Castanedo, City Treasurer, Four Thousand Two Hundred and Thirteen silver reales, covering 2/3 rental of the schooner "Nuestra Senora del Carmen" which served as night patrol and jail from December 10th., 1794 to February 26th., 1795, which sum the Royal Treasury advanced to the City Treasury, by paying said sum to Don Prospero Ferrayolo, owner of said schooner, in the form of the official order of payment dated April 8th. of said year, as it is evidenced by the report, and official letter addressed to me by the Auditor General's office of even date.

I have taken charge of the 4,213 silver reales, in virtue of which I issue this receipt, which transaction must be recorded in the main office of the Auditor General, duly approved by the office of the Intendant General. - New Orleans, March 18th., 1797 - Cayetano Valdes - Value: 4,213 silver reales - Recorded - Gilberto Leonard - Approved - File it and have the main office of the Auditor General issue the proper certified copies - Morales - A true copy of the original, filed in the main office of the Auditor General of the Army which office is provisionally in my charge, to which I certify. This copy is hereby delivered to the interested party as a credit voucher. - New Orleans, March 18th., 1797.

(signed) Gilberto Leonard.