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Most Illustrious Gentlemen

With the object of arranging a schedule of hours for the Cathedral by which the festivities may be governed, I have ordered that, from the Equinox of March to the one in September, Mass should start at ten in the morning, except for the longer services of Holy Week The Mass for Palm Sunday shall commence at nine in the morning, those of Holy Thursday at eight-thirty in the morning, those of Good Friday at seven-thirty in the morning, and those of Holy Saturday at sunrise, as the traditional custom demands, following the toll of the government bell until there is a public clock.

And, since Your Most Illustrious Lordship has to attend to some of the festivities, I have informed the clergy of the other churches of this new schedule for masses.

May God grant Your Most Illustrious Lordship long life.

New Orleans
April 17, 1800

To the Most Illustrious Cabildo of this city of New Orleans.
Luis, Bishop of Louisiana