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Procés Verbal of Reinstallation of the Municipal Body
on the day of the taking into possession of the Colony
by the United States

This day, the twentieth of December one thousand eight hundred and three of the Christian Era, the Commissioners or Agents of the United States William C.C. Claiborne and James Wilkinson, having assembled at the City Hall in the usual place of Sessions of this municipality with the citizen Pierre Clément Laussat, Colonial Prefect and Commissioner of the French Government, in order to receive from him the possession of this Colony or Province of Louisiana and this important act having been consummated, his Excellency the said William C.C. Claiborne, appointed by the President of the United States, Governor General and Agent of this said Provice, had his proclamation read by virtue of which he provisionally maintains in their functions all the public officers who were at that time in the employ of the French Government as well as all municipal regulations heretofore issued. Consequently, the Mayor and Members of the Municipal Body (with the exception of Messrs. Jones and Sauve, who tended their resignations) thus reelected and confirmed, in their office went back to their representative seats and the session was then adjourned to Saturday the 24th inst. whereof the present minutes have been drawn up, which they all have signed with the Recorder-Secretary.

Boré     A.D. Turead     J. Faurie      

Wm. Donaldson      M. Fortier      Livaudais


P Derbigny,