Arnaud's menu

A page from Arnaud's menu, ca. 1950. The quintessential Shrimp Arnaud, which went for a mere $.65 back then, now commands a $5.75 tariff, but it's worth every penny! [Louisiana Division Menu Collection]

...Arnaud's was started by the ebullient "Count" Arnaud in 1920. Arnaud was born Leon Bertrand Arnaud Cazenave in the French village of Bosdaros, on the outskirts of the city of Pau, residence of the Kings of Navarre.... After completing his education in Paris at the Lycee Napoleon, Cazenave decided to come to America, where he hoped to study medicine... However, he soon realized that he would not be able to afford the years of college necessary for becoming a doctor, so he put to use his knowledge of the vineyards of France as a salesman of wines and champagnes. In his travels he discovered that New Orleans, which reminded him of his native land, was the place he wanted to settle down and live.
[Deirdre Stanforth, The New Orleans Restaurant Cookbook (1967), p. 31]