James Harrison Dakin Collection

Page Eleven

Item # Description of lithograph Date Signature Measurements (in inches) Notes
58 Lithograph called "Design for improving old alms-house, Park, N.Y." (front elevation) undated unsigned 23 x 15.5
63 Lithograph of memorial column with clock and figure; column inscribed "Cass, Webster, Downs." Notation at bottom of lithograph: Cass, Webster, Downs, Phelps, Mangum, Bell, Berrien, Bright, Cooper, King, Mason, Dickinson" undated
20.5 x 30 Lithographers: J. Manouvrier & P. Snell
72 Lithograph of London & Birmingham Railway, Entrance front of London Station, commonly known as the Euston propylaeum, built by Philip Hardwick (perspective) March 1, 1837 John Weale, ARCH. Library 24 x 15.5
73 Lithograph of "Iranistan, an Oriental Villa," of P.T. Barnum, Esq., near Bridgeport, Conn. undated unsigned 20 x 15
74 Lithograph of "Choir of the Cathedral Church of Oxford" undated unsigned 11 x 15 Published by: "R. Jennings, 1828"
88 Lithograph of interior of unidentified English Gothic church undated unsigned 11 x 16
89 Lithograph of interior of unidentified English Gothic church undated unsigned 11 x 15
90 Lithograph of interior of unidentified English Gothic church undated unsigned 11 x 15
91 Lithograph of interior of unidentified English Gothic church undated unsigned 11 x 15
114 Lithograph of interior of unidentifed English Gothic church undated unsigned 11 x 15
115 Lithograph of the interior of the Choir of Gloucester Cathedral 1831 Artist: C. Wild
Publisher: "R. Jennings, 2 Poultry, 1831"
11 x 15
116 Lithograph of the interior of the Chapel of Henry VII in Westminster Abeey 1828 C. Wild
R. Jennings, 2 Poultry, 1828
11 x 15
117 Lithograph of unidentified English Gothic church (perspective) undated unsigned 15 x 11 Salisbury Cathedral; identified by Cullison
118 Lithograph of exterior of unidentified English Gothic church undated unsigned 11 x 15
119 Lithograph of the Parthenon of Athens (perspective and floor plan) undated Lithographers: Stodart and Currier 10.5 x 13.5 "Composed by Mr. Davis" ; obviously Alexander Jackson Davis
120 Lithograph of the "British American Hotel, formerly Masonic Hall, St. Paul St., adjoining the Theatre Royal, Montreal" undated unsigned 7.5 x 8.5
121 Lithograph of Astor's Hotel, New York. Architects: I. Town and A.J. Davis (perspective and floor plans of first, second, and other floors) 1832
9.5 x 22 (parts)
122 Lithograph of the Patent Office, Washington, D.C. (perspective; longitudinal section; first (?) floor plan undated Lithographer: C.E. Graham 11 x 18
123 Lithograph of "General View of Kemp Town," Brighton, England. Architect: Wild and Busby undated Lithographer: Priestly and Weale and Creasy and Baker 29.5 x 17
124 Lithograph of "The New Houses of Parliament," London undated unsigned 32 x 19
125 Lithograph of unidentified Gothic church (perspective). Westmister Abby undated unsigned 25.5 x 22.5
126 Lithograph of "The City of Venice" undated unsigned 22.5 x 18
127 Lithograph of "St. Paul's Cathedral, London"; "Presented to the Albion Subscribers, New York, 1851" 1851 unsigned 24.5 x 19 Dakin died 1852
128 Lithograph of the Parthenon of Athens, obviously clipped from another copy of a larger lithograph which included floor plan undated unsigned 10.5 x 6
129 Lithograph of Girard College, Philadelphia. Architect: Thomas U. Walter undated Lithographer: Stodart and Currier
Published by: I. Town and A.J. Davis, Architects
10.5 x 5.5
130 Lithograph of classification of the three orders of classic columns undated unsigned 10 x 7
131 Lithograph of the St. Louis Church House (perspective, floor plan of basement, first floor, second floor and galleries) undated unsigned 12.5 x 12
132 Lithograph of the Washington Hotel, Broadway, N.Y. 1833 Lithographer obscurred;
Drawn by: M. Sweett
14.5 x 11.5 "Entered according to Act of Congress by Endicott and Sweett, New York, 1833"
133 Lithograph of the Capitol of the U.S., Washington, D.C. (first floor plan) Architects: "George Hadfield, B.H. Latrobe and C. Bulfinch, Esqurs" undated Engraved by: William S. Barnard; 14 x 12.5 Published by Town and Davis, Archts., "From their own drawings and the most careful admeasurements: Printed by: William Phelps, NY"
134 Lithograph of "The Temple of Jupiter" undated Engraved by: L. Middiman and John Pye" 23 x 15.5

135 Lithograph of "An Ideal Restoration of the Erechtheion at Athens" undated unsigned 20 x 13
136 Lithograph of "A View of the Earl of Westmoreland's Villa, in the County of Kent" undated unsigned 20 x 14.5 Printed in London for John Bowles
137 Lithograph of scene of classical ruins, after Piranesi 1773 Taylor, Bath 22 x 15
138 Lithograph of the Capitol at Washington, D.C. (first floor plan) 1823, London Drawn by: "C.A. Busby, Archt." 22 x 16
139 Lithograph of "Elevation of the Visvisshoor, or Temple of Bissinaut, at Benares" undated Drawn by: "Col. J. Garstin" 22 x 25.5