Joseph Culotta Collection
Audio Tapes, 1980

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8 16, 17 1/11/80

1/13/80 Canaday, Jo Ann, Executive Director, Neighborhood Revival Nixon, Bob, Consultant to Neighborhood Revival Kahn, Arnold, Author of "Security Through Investment" Rochon, Reynaud, Chief Administration Officer, City of N.O. Hamilton, Frank I., National Commander, American Legion Donelon, Jim, Jefferson Parish Council President Singleton, James, Councilman, City of New Orleans

Neighborhood Revival Taped interview with Arnold Kahn CAO takes about New Orleans financial problem Amer. Legion Commander on Persian Gulf crisis Discussion on out of parish employment tax

1/20/80 Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Retired Chairman, Dept. of Education, Tulane Univ. DiGange, Charles, Assistant Principal, Holy Cross High School Groetsch, Michael, Director of Social Workers, Municipal Court Jones, Sherry, President Elect, Business & Professional Women of La Person, Pamela, Librarian Isaacks, Aggie, Co-Producer, "Opportunity: A Program for Women," WYESTV

Problems of New Orleans education Civil rights works against House of Detention inmate The women look at the world

1/27/80 Goldfinch, Lanny, International Transactional Analysis Assoc. Teachworth, Anne, Gestalt Intituture of New Orleans Murphy, Jim, Crisis Line Andonie, Jack, Dr., Ob-Gyn Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician

Transactional Analysis in business & world Obstetrics, gynecolgy and pediatrics

8 18 2/1/80

2/3/80 Farentelli, Joe, Crescent City Coin Club Osborn, George, Crescent City Coin Club Amadeo, Tony, Crescent City Coin Club Giardina, Lloyd F., Councilman-at-Large, Dist. 1&2, Jefferson Parish Bailey, Bill, Mid Continent Oil and Gas Associaton Tauzin, Billy, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Retif, Milton, Westside Oil Company

Silver, gold and coin collecting Hazardous waste in Jefferson Parish The Energy Crisis-1980

2/10/80 Failla, Anthony, Dr., EENT Edgar, Bill, Mr., Acting Director, VAMC Phelps, Emily, Mrs., Pianist Bagert, Brod, Councilman, City of New Orleans Palotta, Joseph, Dr., Psychiatrist Ritter, Ken, Dr., Psychiatrist Dahmes, Robert, Dr., Psychiatrist

Drippy noses and scratchy throats Bill Edgar, Acting Director of VAMC Councilman Bagert talks about city problems Mrs. Emily Phelps talks about classical music Psychiatry and parapsychology

2/17/80 Harrell, Louis, Rev., Part-time Angola Prison Chaplin Lacey, Alton, Dr., V.P. for Development, Louisiana College Gibson, Jim, Past Pres. Student Governmemt Assoc., Louisiana College McCord, Lynn, Dr., Alumnus, Louisiana College Jeff, Morris F.E., Former King of Zulu Hyatt, Mary, Carnival krewe disigner McNelly, Jackson P,. Mardi Gras historian Sharpe, H. Alvin, Medallion artist

Black history month & upgrading minority life Problems and plaudits of small colleges Mardi Gras-1980

6 24, 25 2/24/80 Fiekkene, Jack, University College, Business Dept., Tulune University Siegell, Robert L., Real Estate market analyst Martinez, Chuck, Financial Planner Diamond, John, Dr., Author of "Your Body Doesn't Lie" Arsaga, Eldon, West Bank manager for States Item Summer, George, Real Estate Analyst

Inflation, real estate & current problems Behavioral Kineseology & thymology

Finance; 2-25: Dr. Lew Epstein (played 2/24/80; recorded 12/79)

3/2/80 Fine, Larry, NOVA Movie Productions Wolfe, Sally, Director, St. Bernard Council on Aging Lewism, Donna, Director, St. Bernard Mental Health Assoc. Foster, William, St. Bernard Service Office Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Benfield, Kathleen, Right to Life LeBlanc, Kathleen, President, Right to Life Phelps, Meade H., M.D., Right to Life

The Movie Industry Social services in St, Bernard Parish Why Right to Life is against abortion movemen

3/9/80 Johnson, Jim, Dr., Plastic Surgeon & professor at LSU Med. School Cardenia, Joseph, St. Joseph's Day Marching Club Morial, Ernest, Mayor, City of New Orleans Epstein, Lewis, Dr., San Francisco City College Connick, Harry, District Attorney, City of New Orleans

Plastic Surgery Joseph Cardenia on St. Joseph's Day Parade Mayor talks about trip to Africa Dr. Lewis Epstein on physics DA talks about cime in city and state
6 26 3/16/80 Freiberg, Norma S.,Communications Services, N.O.'s Mayor's Office Hay, Carolyn, Dept of the Census, Washington, D.C. Stall, Buddy, Easter Seal Society Biundo, Joseph Jr., Dr., LSU Medical School Ramani, L.S. Kewal, Dr., LSU Medical School Accardo, Nick, Dr., Orthopedic Surgeon Markey, Roy, Downtown Irish Marching Club Ivon, Louis, Downtown Irish Marching Club

Minorities and the U.S. Census Easter Seal Society's 1980 telethon Arthritis St. Patrick's Day & Downtown Irish Marching C

3/16/80 Campagno, Peter, President, Greater N.O. Italian Cultural Society Montaldo, Eddie, Banquet Chairman, N.O. Italian Cultural Society Serio, Vincent, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society Webb, Skeeter, Gentilly East Irish Marching Society Miller, Chuck, Gentilly East Irish Marching Society Jenkins, Louis "Woody", Rep., District 66, Louisiana Legislature

St. Joseph's Day and Italian culture in La. St. Patrick's Day & Gentilly East Irish Marching Society National defense, economy & less revenue sharing

3/23/80 McElveen, J. James, Press/Media Divison, Federal Communication Commision Brown, Zora, Consumer Assistance & Information Div., FCC Jones, Erika, Consumer Assistance & Information Div., FCC Casey, Tom, Deputy Chief of Common Carrier Bureau, FCC Cerminara, Gina, Dr., Author of "Many Mansions" Cayce, Hugh Lynn, Dir. of the Board, Assoc. for Research &Enlightenment

FCC Public Participation Workshops The Association for Research & Enlightenment

3/23/80 Broussard, Ernie, Mayor of Esterwood, La. & Pres. of Louisiana Municipal Assoc. Pasqua, Charles, Former mayor of Gonzales & Exec. Dir. of Louisiana Municipal Assoc. Morial, Ernest, Mayor of New Orleans Tassin, Ernest, Mayor of Westwego Hart, Webb, Mayor of Slidell Anderson, Tom, Mayor of Hammond

The Louisiana Municipal Association & problems

3/30/80 Silva, Jose, Silva Psychorientology Proctor, Roy, Silva Psychorientology Hetzler, Don, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Internal Revenue Service Peyton, Nesbit, Taxpayers Service Specialist, IRS Barone, Ann, Taxpayers Service Specialist, IRS Pinner, James, Pres., Orleans Chapter of Society for La. CPA's Brown, Tyrone, Commissioner, FCC Hakes, Jay, Dr., President Carter's Re-election Committee O'Guinn, Barbara, Dr., President of the School of Metaphysics
Psychorientology Your 1979 Income Tax Primaries and politics Growing problem of cults

6 27 4/6/80 Gruwell, Mel, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Harrell, Louis, Rev., Wilbon Chapel Sturgis, Williamene, Sister, Wilbon Chapel Johnson, Percy., Rev., Pastor, Hispanic Baptist Mission Owens, Jesse, Former Olympic Champion LeDoux, Jerome, Fr., Xavier University Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Crawford, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light

Faith, morality & social conditions on Easter Interview with late Jesse Owens

Easter program

4/13/80 Hutcherson, Linda, New Orleans Census Bureau Floyd, Gloria, New Orleans Census Bureau Harris, John, California Wine Growers

Greater New Orleans Gullywasher of 1980 1980 Census Wine-making

6 28 4/20/80 Roskind, Stanley, Dr., Chief of Psychiatry, Jo Ellen Smith Hospital Anzalone, Frank, Chairman, Independence Italian Festival Agnello, Mike, Publicity Dir., Independence Italian Festival Durnin, Paul, Entertainment Dir., Independence Italian Festival Polito, Butch, Dr., Advisory Chm., Independence Italian Festival Broussard, Aaron, Councilman, East Bank, Jefferson Parish Burke, Paul, Postmaster, City of New Orleans

Stress and the family Independence La. Italian Festival April 13 flood in Jefferson Parish

4/20/80 Gregson, Vernon, Former Dean of the Louisiana Legislature Landrieu, Mary, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Connors, Nick, Rep., Louisiana Legislature Carson, Lane, Rep., Louisiana Legilature

The Louisiana Legislative session-1980

4/27/80 Weber, Faustin N., Dr., V.P., American Assoc. of Orthodontists Toso, Donald R., Dr., American Association of Orthodontists Truax, Dalton, Local realtor Hecker, Julian C., Local morgager Griener, Paul, Chief, VA Home Loan Division Livingston, Bob, Congressman

The American Association of Orthodontists The aborted rescue mission in Iran Problems of buying home in the 1980 ecomony

6 29 5/4/80 Donelon, Jim, Candidate for Congress, 3rd. District of La. Early, Mike, Councilman, District C., New Orleans Perret, Leon, Clothing store owner, Vieux Carre McConnell, Roger, Embers Restaurant Valentino, Victor, Place D'armes Hotel Millet, Sally Blaine, Former nurse & prisonor of Japanese, Bataan Tauzin, Billy, State Rep., Candidate for Congress, 3rd. Dist. La

Jim Donelon candidacy for U.S. Congress Business and the Vieux Carre of N.O. The Angels of Bataan Billy Tauzin's candidacy for U.S. Congress

5/11/80 Engel, Bill Boeshans, Francis, Msg. Moreau, Jim Schmitt, Earl Martinez, Chuck Pesant, James McCord, Tracy Labruyere, Ed Accardo, Nick, Dr., Lentini, Tony Current events on program's 15th anniversary

5/11/80 Morial, Dutch, Mayor Chehardy, Lawrence A., Judge Gregson, Vernon McNeely, Jackson P. Andonie, Jack, Dr., Stovall, Jerry, Coach Edgar, Bill Aucoin, Paul Crawford, Olivia, Rev.
Current events on program's 15th. anniversary

8 19, 20 5/18/80 Atai, Ahmad, Youth Career Project Director, Urban League Obee, Alton, Mayor's Office, Youth Affairs Mermilliod, Warren, Hell Diver's Scuba Club Wright, Ed, Hell Diver's Scuba Club Lupin, Arnold, Dr., Doctor's Home Care Limited McKevitt, Margaret, Dir. of Baccalaurate Program of Nursing, LSU Karns, Lee, Chief of Nursing, VA Medical Center Favret, Jackie, Faculty member, LSU Medical School

Problems of minority youth unemployment Scuba diving and water safety Doctors are making house calls again The problems in the nursing profession

8 21, 22, 23, 24 5/25/80 Ritter, Ken, Dr., Past President, La. Psychiatric Assoc. Perkins, Dave, Orleans Parish Service Officer Rooney, Bill, Branch Manager, Social Security Administration Smity, Garnett, Mrs., Operations Analyst, Social Security Adm. Aumont, Jean Claude, Operations Analyst, Social Security Adm. Peychaud, Janard, Director of HANO's Community Services Division Cusachs, Maurice, Area Director of HANO

Combatting hatred and fear Your Social Security Problems in public housing in New Orleans

8 25 6/1/80 Westbrook, Sue, Festival of Light Elbrecht, Beverly, Festival of Light Payne, Dwight, Dr.,Chm., Phisical Science Dept., Miss U.for Women Ketchum, Ross, Technical Consultant to Pres. of Jefferson Parish Thayer, Stuart, LCDR, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Bruno, Peppi, Rep., District 94, Louisiana Legislature Johnson, Jon, Rep., District 103, Louisiana Legislature Watermeier, Leo, Rep., District 95, Louisiana Legislature

Festival of Light Week Dr. Payne discusses women & educ.& current events Street problems & traffic congestion in Jeff. Water safety for the summer season The 1980 Louisiana Legislature-Part II

6/8/80 Lupin, Ralph Dr., Coroner's Office & Vieux Carre Council Marino, Tony, Past President, Vieux Carre Council Kell, Mary, Pres. of the Louisiana Council for the Vieux Carre Early, Mike, Councilman, District C, New Orleans Barthelemy, Sidney, Councilman-at-Large, New Orleans Rankins, Belinda, University College, Tulane University Garrison, "Bo", Colonel, Commanding Officer, La. State Troopers

Civic leaders of the Vieux Carre Councilman Barthelemy discusses N.O.'s problems Summer Education Law and order in Louisiana

9 01, 02 6/15/80 Groetsch, Michael, Probation Officer, Municipal Court of N.O. Gearity, Patricia, Director, YWCA's Battered Wives Program Catherine "E", Battered Wife Neal, Don, President, Bucaneer Villa Improvement Assoc. Fernandez, Manny, Rep., District 103. Bopp, Ed., Rep., District 104 Culotta, Stanley, M.D., Br., Holy Cross H.S., San Antonio, TX Jenkins, Howard, Superintendent, Parochial Schools

Battered wives in our society Drainage in St. Bernard Parish Parochial Education

9 03 6/22/80 Barnett, Jack, Mayor, Gulfport, Miss. Voneido, Diane, Director of Commerce, Gulfport, Miss. Crone, Larry, President of Gulfport Jaycees Norvell, Arlen, Poolside guest & visitor to Gulfport Armstrong, James, Poolside guest & visitor to Gulfport Green, Lee, Mississippi Health Dept. Moore, Karen, Registered Nurse, Gulfport School System Gadson, Shirley, Personnel Officer, Gulfport CETA Title IV Prog. Spaner, Dave, News Director WLOX-TV
Discussion with Mayor Barnett & civic leaders Three Gulfport ladies look at the world

Side III only

6/22/80 Stevens, Kim, WTIX air personality. Blair, John, WTIX air personality Taylor, Pete, WTIX News Director Simpson, Wooten, Dir. of VA Center in Gulfport & domiciliary home Hurst, Wanda, Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Hutcherson, Linda, Poolside guest & visitor to Gulfport

Medical services at VA Center in Gulfport Domiciliary Center in Gulfport Legend and folklore of Gulf Coast Anthony Summers on Kennedy assasination Wanda Hurst discusses psychometry with guests
9 04, 05 6/29/80 Andonie, Jack, Dr., GB-GYN Livingston, Bob, Congressman, 1st District of Louisiana Broussard, Ernie, Mayor, President of Louisiana Municipal Assoc. Pasqua, Charles, Executive Director of LMA Robichaux, John, Mayor, Thibodaux, La. Guidry, Wayne, Mayor, Grand Isle, La. Anding, Marvin, Mayor, Bossier City, La.

OB-GYN and medical problems with government Discussion with Congressman Livingston Louisiana Municipal Assoc. on urban problems

9 06 7/6/80 Lassere, Adele, Student, Seton Academy Garcia, Margarita, Student, Dominican High Duet, Keith, Student, Holy Cross Faucheaux, Ron, Rep., District 100, La. Legislature Lentini, Anthony R., Federal Executive Board Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, 3rd Congressional District

Youth speak out for America Crime, Cable TV & abortion & Rep. Faucheaux Energy, tax cuts & 1980 election & Rep.Tauzin

9 07, 08 7/13/80 Russo, Anthony, Judge, Magistrate Court Morial, Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans Ra'oof, Iman, Black Muslims, Mosque Mohammad #46 Snarch, David, Dr., River Oaks Hospital Barnes, Judith, Ms., River Oaks Hospital

Crime and the Magistrate Court Mayor's Week on Let's Talk It Over The 'changing" Black Muslims Sexual and marital problems

9 09 7/20/80 Hainkel, John, Speaker of the La. House of Representatives Schmitt, Earl, State Representative of District 87 Heaton, Eddie, State Representative of District 88 Gregson, Vernon, Former Dean of the La. Legislature Ochsner, Alton Jr., Dr., Americanism Committee of Chamber of Commerce Bringuer, Carlos, Dr., Cuban refugee Montenegro, Orlando, Nicaraguan refugee

Louisiana Legislature wrap-up Captive Nations-1980

9 10, 11 7/27/80 Flick, Alma, Dr., Clinical Psychologist-TERRAP Ritter, Kenneth, Dr., Past President, La. Psychiatric Assoc. Hambleton, John, Meteorologist, WDSU Channel 6 TV Flynn, Michael, Dr., Chiropractor

Phobias and anxieties New Orleans weather and Meteorolgy The changing face of Chiropractic

9 12, 13, 14 8/3/80 Bachman, Steve, Committee Against War Fever Chase, Polly, Committee Against War Fever Frinichovich, Matt, Brother of artist who recorded "Bomb Iran" Arroyo, Sidney, Father of artist who recorded "Bomb Iran" Yenni, Joseph, President, Jefferson Parish LeBoeuf, Mickey, Dr., Author of "Working Smart" & UNO professor Fontenot, Allen, Cajun & western music artist

Propaganda in war music Conversation with Jefferson Parish President Joe Yenni Bureaucratic paperwook & regulations The psychology of western music
"Bomb Iran"
9 15, 16 8/10/80 Martinez, Soledad, Social Worker, Green House, NOLA Sweeny, Marly, Social Worker, Green House, NOLa Dabbs, Claudia, Social Worker, Green House, NOLa Huddleston, Betty, Council of Career Women (taped) Early, Mike, Councilman, City of New Orleans Palotta, Joseph, Dr., Pres., N.O. Chapter of U.S. Clinical Hypnosis Wood, William, Dr., Dentist and Clinical Hypnotist

Teenage problems Council of Career Women conference in N.O. Should non-citizens have right to protest? Councilman Mike Early discusses city problems Hypnosis in medicine and dentistry
9 17 8/17/80 Ripley, Rebecca, Center for Displaced Homemakers Vedrenne, Marion, Center for Displaced Homemakers Rivers, Camille, Center for Displaced Homemakers DeLage, Lanny, Center for Displaced Homemakers Bailey, Bill, Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association Retif, Milton, West Side Oil Medoff, Eleanor, National Pres., Jewish War Veterans Auxilliary Pilch, Sylvia, Convention Chairman, Jewish War Veterans Auxilliar

Problems for displaced homemakers Energy crisis today International Year of the Disabled Person

9 17a 8/22/80

Remote live in Gulfport

8/24/80 Jonassen, Hans, Dr., Honored Professor, Tulane University Brown, Frederick, Dr., Professor of Engineering, UNO Pond, Jim, Muscular Dystrophy Oldies Dance Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Resurrection of Our Lord Church Gibson, Vince, Head Football Coach, Tulane University Cleland, Max, Administrator of the Veterans Administration

The Wonderful world of Science National Anthem incident at Great Lakes, Ill. Muscular Dystrophy Oldies Dance Ethics in contemporary life Max Cleland, VA interview

8/24/80 Gibson, Vince, Head Football Coach, Tulane University

Tulane Football-1980

9 18, 19 8/31/80 Taylor, Pete, WTIX News Director Guirovich, John, Bargaining Agent, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Fernandez, Jericho, Steward, Communications Workers of America LaCour, Nat, President, United Teachers of New Orleans Crawford, Olivia, Rev., Church of Light of California

Priorities & values in America on Labor Day Should married women go to single bars? Labor's point of view on Labor Day Is our drinking water safe? World predictions

9/7/80 Jones, Buford, Supt. of Education, St. Bernard Parish Renshaw, Polly, Public Relations, St. Bernard Parish Sisung, Larry, Supt. of Education, Jefferson Parish Chimento, Tony, Asst. Supt. of Education, Jefferson Parish Scarnato, Sam, Dr., Asst. Supt. of Education, Orleans Parish

Back to school 1980-Talk with Superintendants

9/7/80 Miller, Frank, Dr., Chief of Alcohol Dependency Unit, VA Med. Center Career, Eileen, Dr., Couseling Chief, Alcohol Dependency Unit, VA Medical Center Campbell, Thomas, Dr., Pediatrician, Wenck, Bob, Chief of Counseling, Drug Abstainance Unit,Jo Ellen Smith Hospital Hewetson, Jane, Recovery Unit, Drug Abstainance Unit, Jo Ellen Smith Hospital Fernandez, Lee, U.S. Bio-Chem Labs

Alcohol and Drug abuse How will Saints do in 1980? Multiphasic Medical screening Your opinion on Sen. John Anderson

9 20 9/8/80

9 21, 22 9/14/80 Martinez, Chuck, Vice President, Scharff & Jones Farentelli, Joseph, Speculator in precious metals Lee, Nancy, Author of "Targeting It To The Top" Chehardy, Lawrence E., Assessor of Jefferson Parish Smith, Jim, Assessor of Algiers (N.O.) Maltin Leonard, Author of "Of Mice & Men" Doyle, Tommy, Captain, Riverboat Pilot

Checking up on the economy Women in business Louisiana reassessment & property tax The old movie cartoon Ayahtollah's latest proposal

9/14/80 Doyle, Tommy, Captain

Piloting Mississippi River for 25 years

9 23, 24 9/21/80 Baptiste, Orthello, Black Music Historian & vocalist Edwards, Leon, Realtor Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX Roesler, Bob, Executive Sports Editor, Times-Picayune-States Item Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., State Legislature for St. Bernard Parish LeBoeuf, Mickey, Dr., Professor at UNO and author

President Carter's refusal to debate Homosexual lawsuit against Georgetown U. St. Bernard Week Imagineering and creativity

10 01 9/27/80

Sides 3 & 4 only; possibly mislabeled (see 9/28/80)
10 02, 03 9/28/80 Gandy, Tilly, Sociologist France, Donna, Golden Leaves Center Hainkel, John, Rep., Speaker of the House. La. Legislature Poynter, Dave, Clerk of the House Palao, Mike, National Rifle Association Trentacosta, Nick, American Civil Liberties Union

Automatic Writing Religious community in national politics Constitutional amendment to ban bussing Problems of State of Louisiana Gun Control
10 04, 05 10/5/80 Dugas, Collin, Brother, Brother Martin High White, Dionna, Ms., Community Wide Outreach Program Hopkins, Theresa, Ms., Director, Community Wide Outreach Program Evans, Bob, Councilman, Chairman, Jefferson Parish Council Helms, J. Dwayne, Dr., Tresurer, American Academy of Family Physcians Nixon, Sam A., Dr., Pres.-Elect, American Academy of Family Physcians Chaney, E.J., Dr., Board Chairman, Am. Acad. of Family Physcians Irving, Willis J., Dr., V.P., Am. Academy of Family Physcians

Welfare mothers and self-education Jefferson Parish proposal to study Motel Tax Jefferson Parish Week Teenage crime in New Orleans World Conference on Family Medicine

10/5/80 Palao, Mike, Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society

Italian Columbus Day Activities

10/12/80 Dee, John J. III, Founder of the People's Petition Detwiler, Bill, Constable of First City Court of N.O.

Peoples' Petition Against Local Taxation Landlords, tenants, evictions & housing

10 06, 07 10/12/80 Thomas, Janice M., Dir., Career Service, Our Lady of Holy Cross College Geoffray, Alice, Dir. of Guidance, N.O. Public Schools Rodriguez, Jose., Counsellor & Career Specialist, Loyola Univ. Baldwin, Margie, Career Counsellor with Opportunity Program Higgins, Susan, Carreer Educational Program Coord., Jefferson Parish Public Schools Wagner, Bryan, Councilman, District A, New Orleans City Council Christovich, Mary Lou, Author of "New Orleans Interiors" Dee, John J. III,, Founders of People's Petition, Detwiler, Bill, Constable, First City Court of New Orleans
Guidance Counselling Week & young people. Repbulican platform City Council Week on Let's Talk It Over Mary Lou Christovich on N.O. homes Democratic platform
10 08, 09 10/19/80 Gothard, Sol, Judge, Sect. A, Juvenile Court, Jefferson Parish Campos, Cheryl, Office of Human Development Ducote, Richard, Jefferson Abuse & Neglect Advocacy Proj. (JANAP) LeBoeuf, Janet, Jefferson Parish Foster Parents' Association Cunningham, Gaynell, Dream House Coordinator, WYES-TV Jones, Sherry, Pres., N.O. Business and Professional Women's Club Thomas, Loretta, Chairperson, Women in Business Week Prechac, Glenda, N.O. Business and Professional Women's Club Fitzmorris, James, Chairman, La. Board of Commerce and Industry
Child abuse and foster care WYES Auction Women in business Business in Louisiana Present view on FDR & Richard Nixon
10 10, 11 10/26/80 Pickering, Adela LaGasse, Mary Helen, Tulane student Serio, Vinson, Tulane student Marmillion, Val, Coordinator for the La. Democratic Party Pruitt, Jim, Coordinator for the La. Republican Party

Holistic health, meditation & reincarnation Would you change your vote if the hostages were released? Debate between Carter & Reagan spokesmen Witchcraft and its customs

10 12 11/2/80

Possibly mislabeled (see 11/3/80)

11/3/80 Wall, Hindman, Athletic Director, Tulane University Brush, Jenny, Former President of Arts &Sciences, Tulane University Landrieu, Moon, Secretary of HUD & President's cabinet member Bagert, Brod, Public Service Commissioner Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX Rozensweig, Allen, Pollster Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, Third District of Louisiana

Problems in college athletics Who are you going to vote for? Two years behind Iron Curtain in Yugoslavia Election anxiety

11/9/80 McGovern, John L., Louisiana Dept. of Veterans Affairs Lentini, Anthony R., Director, VA Regional Office, N.O., La. Haag, Greg, Director, VA Medical Center, N.O.,La. Valore, Abe, Governor's at large member to Vets. Affairs Commission Aucoin, Paul G., Chairman, Veterans Affairs Commission of La. Schelici, Vic, Marine Corps League Broussard, Ernie P., American Legion Monasterio, George, AMVETS

Veterans Benefits

11/9/80 Cullen, Countee, Mrs., Widow of black poet of Harlem Renaissance Borders, Florence, Mrs., Amistad Research Center Morial, Dutch, Mayor, City of New Orleans

Black History What should Carter do in his last 10 weeks? Why Gov. Reagan's landslide? Talk with Mayor Morial

10 13, 14 11/16/80 Thayer-Nail, Executive Committee Woman, Republican Party, Rozensweig, Allen, Computer Analyst Lilly, James, Dr., Gastroenterologist Martinez, Roslyn, RN in Ostomy Surgery & Recovery, Mercy Hosp. Cundiff, Anna, V.P., Greater New Orleans Ostomy Association Chachere, Chris, Visitation Chairman, Greater N.O. Ostomy Assn. Guarisco, Tony, Sen., La. Senate from Morgan City, La.

What you would you like Reagon do in 1981? Are you wary of early election returns? Narcotic Addiction 1981 political outlook and loyalty oaths Problems of ostomates and the future
10 15 11/23/80

Tulane-LSU game Hazardous waste

10 16, 17 11/30/80 Siebel, Matthias, Dr., Manager, NASA-Michoud Complex McCollum, Evan, Community Relations Director, Martin-Marietta Co. Fernandez, Manuel, Rep., St. Bernard Parish Englert, Joseph, Community Relations Supt., Kaiser Aluminum Accardo, Nick, Dr., Past President, Hotel Dieu Hosp., N.O. La. Garcia-Oller, Jose, Dr., Chairman, Private Doctors of America

New space shuttle-defense & economic impact Your opinion on Supt. Parsons' resignation Home loans and industry in St. Bernard Par. Your opinion on Saint's 0-12 Season PSRO & Socialized Medicine & future of medicine


Has Christmas become too commercial? Should U.S. take action if Poland is invaded?

10 18, 19 12/7/80 Murphey, Cyril, I.C. CPO, USN, Ret. Sheets, Whab, New Orleans Center of the Sufi Hollis, J. K. "Ken", Councilman Townsley, Vic, Deputy Dir., Dept. of Corrections: Parole & Probation Harris, Pamela, Ms., Chairperson of the Louisiana Parole Board

Where were you December 7, 1941? A look at the Sufi A talk with Councilman Ken Hollis Pardons, paroles and probations in La.

10 20, 21 12/14/80 Robin, Frank Ed., Supervisor, N.O. Auto Inspection Station Hellmers, Nils, Councilman, District D, New Orleans Larsen, Ole, Institute of Self-Actualization Lee, Harry, Sheriff, Jefferson Parish

Brake tags and auto safety Cable TV, the city budget, and crime in city Self-Actualization Law Enforcement in Jefferson Parish


The economy in 1980 A civilian commission to govern N.O. police

10 22, 23 12/21/80 Diamond, Dan, Licensed Baptist Minister & WVUE-TV Ledoux, Jerome, Fr., Clarion Herald Harrell, Louis, Rev., Jackson Barracks Prison Chaplain Burton, McKay, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Brisolaro, Ashton, Chairman, Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Boeshans, Francis, Msg., Resurrection of Our Lord Catholic Church Sterges, Wilhemena, Sister, Wilbon Chapel Gruell, Mel, Dr., Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

Faith and morals Alcoholism, drug abuse & safe driving X-Mas

10 24, 25 12/28/80 Liebeskind, Gary, Biofeedback Center of Covington Stewart, Bruce, Biofeedback Center of Covington Carson, Lane, Rep., District 99, Louisiana Legislature Engel, Bill, General Manager, WTIX Tauzin, Billy, Congressman, 3rd Congressional District

Strides in biofeedback The significance of 1980 Speculations on the past and the future Your most vivid memory of 1980 What should U.S. do if hostages stand trial?

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